Her Soulless Belief

Ashes. Ashes.
Our souls drift like ashes in the brittle air... through the brittle air.
Hold out your hands. Afraid to hold out for what you need...
But see, see what you need.
Twirling like leaves, we float away...
Drift away from things, the things you desire
Desire, desire: the passion burning in your heart.
Reach for what you want.
Fears or freedoms: what if your perceptions are all wrong?
I wouldn't stop loving you.


Inevitable Madness ~ Soulless Eye Shadow ~  The Darkness Monthly Event 8/5-8/31
Omega applier with 12 options

Inevitable Madness ~ Soulless Nail Polish ~ The Darkness Monthly Event 8/5-8/31
Appliers available for Astralia, Vista, Maitreya, Omega and Slink nails

Venge ~ Cross Eyes ~ Suicide Dollz 8/6-8/17
4 colors included, white is tintable with select face

.:Soul:. ~ Emma [D6] ~ Romp 8/11-8/25

Ersch ~ Moon Rings ~ The Coven group gift (free to join) 8/3-8/24

Vallani. ~ Chloe Hair ~ The Coven group gift (free to join) 8/3-8/24

Mello. ~ Old Paper Floor (gacha common) ~ The Coven 8/3-8/24

Dahlia ~ Milk Water pose ~ The Coven group gift (free to join) 8/3-8/24


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