Her Nereid Folly

Alpha and Omega, sadness and mirth,
  The springing music, and its wasting breath--
The fairest things in life are Death and Birth,
  And of these two the fairer thing is Death.
For there is nothing lives but something dies,
And there is nothing dies but something lives.
      Till skies be fugitives,
Till Time, the hidden root of change, updries,
Are Birth and Death inseparable on earth;
For they are twain yet one, and Death is Birth.
~ Francis Thompson, Ode to the Setting Sun

{NANTRA} ~ Follies ~ The Liaison Collaborative 5/3-5/26
6 bento poses with mirrors and self-rezzing hoops

Fallen Gods Inc. ~ Flow skin Balance Classic ~ 100% RFL item, Fantasy Faire 4/19-5/7
Omega and Slink head & body appliers with system skins, fish attachments included

~Other Stuff~
Avatar Complexity ~ 43,347
Head ~ Catwa Sofia
Body, hands & feet ~ Maitreya
Hair ~ Tableau Vivant (gacha)
Shrines ~ Fallen Gods Inc (FF quest prize & previous group gift)
Bubbles ~ Dysfunctionality


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