Her Different Love

I'ma love you differently
I'll give you electricity
Give it to you
~ Silk City ft. Dua Lipa, Electricity

{Inner Demons} ~ Geometric Wall Decor ~ 69L Syndicate Sunday 2/3-2/10 (last day!)
2li each, 12 individual colors to choose from

Ex Machina ~ Advanced Teleporter Pod v1.4 ~ We Love Roleplay 2/4-2/28
5li, inter-region teleport device, travel in true sci-fi style!

Attitude is an Artform ~ Noble Elf Ears ~ We Love Roleplay 2/4-2/28
Includes 3 styles with customization hud for pre-loaded skins and tinting

Anatomy ~ Archangel Eyes ~ We Love Roleplay 2/4-2/28
Mesh eyes with Omega appliers in 8 colors

Poseidon ~ K/DA Akali ~ We Love Roleplay 2/4-2/28
6 bento poses with mirrors and props (not shown)

.:Soul:. ~ Nippers - Hybrid ~ Enchantment 2/9-3/4
Upper and lower teeth with texture hud, so many options!

~Other Stuff~
Head ~ Catwa Margeaux
Body ~ Maitreya
Hair & bodysuit ~ [A&Y]
Arms &hands ~ [omnis]
Room ~ Weekend Ruiner


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