Her Legend's Tomb

“...perhaps mankind must have a time of darkness so that we will one day again know what a blessing is the light.”
~ Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Mists of Avalon

unstable. ~ Arthur Tomb - Fantasy ~ Enchantment 8/10-9/1
49 land impact, copy & mod, floating crystals

*paper moon* ~ Medieval Mystic - Emerald robes ~ 0L hunt prize, Enchantment 8/10-9/1
Includes both male and female S-L sizes in fresh and faded versions

Deadly Nightshade ~ Sword of Legend ~ Enchantment 8/10-9/1
Includes 3 versions, wall decor (10li), worn on back and combat with bento hold and 6 animations

Romazin ~ Alinda Set ~ Driftwood 8/5-8/31
Maitreya only, bra and skirt with 4 metals/11 gem/7 leather change hud

{NANTRA} ~ The Lady in the Lake ~ Enchantment 8/10-9/1
6 bento poses with mirrors and self-rezzing props (not shown)

Fallen Gods Inc. ~ Dragon's Breathe tattoo ~ Enchantment 8/10-9/1
Omega head and body appliers with system layers


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