Her Forgotten Boots

“Oh, no!” said Gerda after the cabin was no longer in sight. “I left my fur boots behind!” But there was no time to go back. She had to find Kai!

Sweet Evil ~ Glitter Star Eyeshadows ~ The Makeover Room 11/1-11/26
Omega appliers and BoM/system layers in 8 colors

Lorien ~ Snow Queen Pajama set ~ Enchantment - The Snow Queen 11/9-12/2
Maitreya only, includes top, shorts and animesh snowman shoulder pet (not shown)

[JANGKA] ~ Polaris Warmlegs ~ Enchantment - The Snow Queen 11/9-12/2
Maitreya only, 2 packs available each with 2 colors

Fashiowl ~ The North Mountain ~ Enchantment - The Snow Queen 11/9-12/2
10 bento poses with reindeer and additional props

MOoH! ~ Winter Dryads Gacha ~ Enchantment - The Snow Queen 11/9-12/2
1 rare (17li) and 12 commons (2-6li each), winter or ice versions

Spyralle ~ Splinter Ice Trees Set of 4 ~ Enchantment - The Snow Queen 11/9-12/2
2li each, copy/mod, snowflakes on/off, ALM versions included. also sold individually

Copy/mod and includes fountain (10li), rocks (5li) and swan (3li)

~Other Stuff~
Head ~ Logo Mae
Body ~ Maitreya
Skin ~ Stix
Hair ~ Moon.
Ice cliffs - Lore


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