Assassination Break

“Being an assassin means knowing when to kill - and when not to kill.”
~ Jennifer Estep, Snared

Deadly Nightshade ~ Megitsune Mask & Pauldrons ~ Enchantment 5/9-5/31
Unrigged, copy/mod, 6 crystal color change hud

Nefekalum Tattoos ~ Celestial Kitsune ~ Enchantment 5/9-5/31
System/BoM layers with appliers

Anatomy ~ Fractal Eyes - Dark Gift ~ We Love Roleplay gift (free group needed)

Marushin ~ Mossy Stone Fence - 0L hunt prize, Enchantment 5/9-5/31
1li, two versions included

Love ~ Blossom and Lights Scatter ~ 0L gift, Enchantment 5/9-5/31

Kisetsu ~ Cosy Tea Set ~ 0L Stay at Home Club gift
K&S ~ Rare Fruit bento pose ~ Cosmopolitan gift (free group needed)


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